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Custom Art Piece Represents a Whole Family

I may have gone a little crazy this time...but I've started doing custom mixed media pieces that represent your whole own version of a coat of arms.  You may recall seeing the one I did for Louie and I ...the Mechanical Goldfish.  The goldfish part represents me and my artistic passion involving goldfish and the mechanical part is Louie's love of cars and he happened to be a mechanic when I met him.  So, a Mechanical Goldfish represents us...a sort of coat of arms and it hangs by our front door. 
I created this particular piece above for a family that loves holistic living, the husband loves music and the kids are all about soccer.  This special art piece is their story.
First, I painted some background colors. Then, stitch by stitch I unraveled a soccer ball and attached the pieces of the ball (representing the kid's passion) to the canvas in a circular pattern reminiscent of the mandalas that she loves so much.  Then I went to my local music store and found…

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