My Pieces at the Cobb Museum of Art

 Just found these cool pictures from a show at the Cobb Museum of Art that I had the pleasure of being a part of a while back and just wanted to share them with you. The photos are courtesy of Hadley's Photography and Spravka Imaging.  The requirements for the show was that each piece must be at least three different mediums, hence the name "Trilogy Art Show" and it was held on three different occasions.  The themes were "Mind", "Body" and "Soul."   I am so thankful to all the friends, family and fans that showed their support, it means so much to me that you were there!   Jenny King did a phenomenal job of organizing everything and if you would like to see more of the pictures from the show, please visit her website:

"Golden Sole" Oils, Paper, Fabric and Gold Leaf
Here I am with my piece at the Cobb Museum of Art
"Golden Strands" at the Cobb Museum of Art
With My Husband Louie at the Show

"Golden Thoughts"  Oils, Clay and Gold Leaf 

I am so impressed by the love and support of my family and friends!

"Golden Strands" Oils, Pastel, String and Gold Leaf

"Golden Thoughts" at the Cobb Museum of Art



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