Whimsical Ocean Fish - Poolside Mural

This is by far the biggest mural I've ever painted and I had so much fun doing it!  This happy whale is truly life size:)

Colorful Jelly Fish

 There were tons of fish, all with unique little personalities and even some sea turtles.

A Shark and His Timid Friends

A School of Fish

The Most Precious Thank You Note I Received After Doing the Work...I Will Most Definitely Frame It!

That's The Actual Thermometer Where I Was Painting...Yep, It was toasty!

All in all, this project was incredibly fun. It was the biggest canvas I have ever painted on!  I plan on adding one other thing when I get a free moment... A GIANT OCTOPUS...because he will be amazing:)  Until then...have a lovely day!


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