Synesthesia - I am not crazy! Well...

I have always gotten weird looks when I tell people that THEY ARE colors. For example, my husband is crimson, dad is yellow, mom is olive green and brother is gray... the number 7 is yellow too and five is red. When I am painting, my colors have different notes and almost create a symphony when all mixed together. I was doing some research on this and it actually has a name, synsthesia. It means that your senses are combined in a way. I know this video is kinda long, but it is super interesting...take a moment to learn something cool.


  1. I have that too! Been studying it for awhile. I've got these forms, in order from strongest to weakest:

    1. Music -> color
    2. People -> Color (I'm marigold!)
    3. Music notes -> Color
    4. Sounds (like, a door slamming) -> Color
    5. Pain -> Color
    6. Words -> Color
    7. Objects -> Touch (it's a hard one to explain, but I've got that one too).

    It's soooo fascinating, isn't it?


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