Creative Space Counts

I am a firm believer that if my space is not conducive to creativity, neither am I. I am working on a special place and here are before and after pictures. There used to be large, over sized couches that were every color in the rainbow and were not the best choice for a small space. But, when you are young and newly married, you appreciate all you can get. However, at some point, your space has to represent who you are and what you want to feel. So after some saving, those were replaced with a small, neutral, timeless sofa and a fantastic green rug. Picture some great things on the wall and some paint happening, I can already visualize the creative energy flowing. I am so thrilled! So, if you are experiencing creative block, maybe you should try changing your surroundings :) This is my happy place!


  1. i absolutely love your new couch! and that rug is totally worth carrying it in to your apartment alone! :) beautiful creative space!

  2. now you just need a beautiful piece of art or a PHOTOGRAPH of you and louie over that couch!


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