How to Paint Your Apartment in a Day

As I have said before, the space you try to be creative in has a huge effect on what exactly you will end up creating. Monday, we painted the feels so much better. Here are some tips:
1) Recruit Help. (In this case, my parents volunteered)
2) Cover up. Protect everything you don't want painted
3) Tape around the edges (like the crown mouldings and corners if you are only painting one wall).
4) Edges First. With an angled brush or a sponge tool, paint around the edges.
5) Paint your heart out. Use a roller to do the rest! Yay!
6) Spot Check. Just make sure everywhere is covered evenly.
7) Tape off. Pull the tape off at a 45 degree angle.
8) Enjoy the amazing feeling of a fresh clean colored wall :)


  1. Great job! Next time recruit sister-in-law and save on blue tape!

  2. its beautiful! i'm sorry i couldn't come help :(. hopefully we will be able to come at the beginning of the year sometime! miss you and love the new space!! :)

  3. That was done in a day? Wow, the color green looks very nice, it's quite relaxing to look at. You did a superb job at it, and your tips are certainly effective.


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