Birds on a Wire - first palette knife painting

So today was a great day! Despite the fact that I am dealing with an injured hand, I accomplished many artistic things! At the moment, I cannot even grip a pencil...I think its tendonitis in my thumb(sigh), but it forced me to expand my horizons and try something new. I got out my palette knife and painted an entire canvas, it is so much quicker than with a brush. While you cannot get the level of detail that a brush can give you (or maybe it just takes practice), it definitely has an interesting texture. I painted it to go in our bedroom, Ill post it again when I am finished decorating it. That's all for now!


  1. It amazes me how talented you are! You can do anything!!! Sorry u have an owie!!!!

  2. i want one! i'll pay for your artistic talent... :)

  3. So I guess this is the painting you did in 3 hours? This is beautiful- I love the texture and how it's not too detailed. You are so talented!


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