How to Make Beautiful Centerpieces

This morning, I made some fresh flower arrangements for a good friend of mine. She is having a lovely dinner party tonight and needed some centerpieces. I thought I would post it because its a creative thing and I thought you guys might enjoy it. Yesterday we went to the flower market and picked out the gorgeous flowers that we wanted to use. They have tons of inspiring things there. But we picked hydrangeas, runnonculus, snap dragons and some beautiful berries. Then, we decided what vases we had hanging around. In this case, two tall vases for the buffet table, 5 goldfish bowls and 2 cylinders. Starting with a base of 2 hydrangeas, I put a rubberband around the stems to make them sturdy. Then, just working your way all around the vases, just stick things in there wherever they look pretty. Here's some pictures.


  1. how beautiful! :) you really are a talented little lady!

  2. thanks guys, I just really really love playing with flowers.


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