Do It Yourself - Environmentally Friendly Notebook

Today marks the beginning of July and I will now be posting lots of fun and creative things. To start things off, I wanted to show you how to make a little notebook out of all your scrap papers around the house. I save scrap papers, pretty things that are too big to throw away, I also try to reuse paper from the printer that has just a little writing on it (I usually doodle on the sheets when its no so important). Well, here is an adorable way to get all those sheets into one place an here's how:

First, collect all of your scraps, a hole punch, a piece of twine or ribbon, a glue stick, a piece of cardstock, and some pretty tape (optional).

Second, cut all the pieces of paper to the same size (whatever size of a notebook you want).

Third, Set aside 2 pieces of prettiness for your cover.

Fourth, Punch holes in the remaining papers and tie a ribbon/twine through the holes. Make sure not to tie it too tight, so you will be able to open and write in the journal. As you wrap your ribbon around the spine, you can leave a piece sticking out if you wish to have a bookmark later.

Fifth, cut a piece of cardstock to go on the outside. Measure it like this: 2x as big as the cover + room for all of your pages.

Sixth, Use your gluestick to glue the front and back of your little booklet to the larger piece of cardstock, (Make sure you leave room for it to open and close).

Seventh, Glue your pretty pieces onto the cover and if you wish, tape around the edges to make it nice and finished looking.

Whalah! You have a sweet little notebook. It just so happens that I need one for this weekend, how handy!

If you need any further direction, feel free to ask! Have a lovely day and enjoy!


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