Do- It- Yourself Super Hero Capes

Thursday I took the day to just hang out with my sweet little niece and niece and nephew. Before I left my house, I decided to make them superhero capes and masks..just for fun. (I have fond childhood memories of my brother and I wearing crazy outfits and "saving the world").

I only had about an hour from the time I decided to make them til the time I needed to leave my house. So, if there is a little superhero in your life who needs a get-up, here's my simple recipe:

Using two complementing fabrics, lay them on top of each other with the pretty sides touching. Cut through both layers, a triangle shape (big enough for your cape) and a long rectangle (the rectangle will be the collar).

Then, Cut the top off the triangle pieces - leaving a straight edge to attach your collar.

Sew the collar first. To do this, with the pretty sides of the fabric still facing eachother, sew around three sides of the rectangle (preferably the sides and the top). Tie the strings at the end in knots so they won't unravel. Turn it right side out, so that now you have pretty finished edges.

Turn the collar upside down and center it at the top of your two cape pieces, in between the layers of fabric with the pretty sides still facing each other. Sew it. This connects your collar to your cape. Now, tuck the overhanging pieces of your collar in to the cape. Being very careful not to sew them in, sew all around the cape...except for a little bit at the very end, so you can turn it right side out.

Once you turned it right side out, just close up the hole you left with a few stitches. Now, you have a superhero cape with a collar. Using some strips of sticky velcro, make a closure on the collar. Whalah! Your little superhero can now fly around your house in style.

If you need help, just email me for better directions:


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