Great News....I have a new studio space on the Marietta Square

This is so exciting...a new studio space where I can paint, draw, give classes, and where the public can come view my art! It is on the Marietta Square and it is located above the Australian Bakery. Please stop by and say hello...or better yet, take a class and increase your own creativity:)

Today was my first official day at the studio and man oh man am I tired. I got there at 7:30am and painted my heart out all day long. I finished the plane picture (I think), painted a huge painting and also got started on another one. I am including two pictures, one in the morning, and one at the end of the day...It was a very productive day!!! Just made dinner, I think I will go put my feet up for awhile:)


  1. i can't wait to have my painting!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh! i'm so excited! :)

  2. Congrats! on the new studio. It looks nice and sunny and inspiring. The Marietta Square is always fun...if you can find a parking space. :)


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