Day 2 of Bart Lindstrom's Demo

The second day of the workshop with Bart was equally as fantastic as the first. He told us to surround ourselves with really great art; to rip apart all of those Artist magazines that we have around the house and find the things that really inspire you. I started doing this today at the studio and man oh man i had so much material to go through...what a wealth of knowledge I had at my fingertips, I just forgot it was there. He said we should make a vision book of all these things that inspire us and then figure out what kind of artist we really want to be. This really got me thinking...
Then he started painting a still life. He taught us how to make really effective backgrounds, new techniques on how to make things look like they are ceramic, and how to really have fun painting. I appreciate how much passion Bart has for his work and it really shows. I learned so much and I look forward to starting a whole new way of painting. I went out today and bought some new supplies that will hopefully help this whole process... can't wait to paint my little heart out:)
If you want to learn more about Bart, please visit his great website:
The bottom picture is of Ernest Varner, Bart Lindstrom and Me. Ernest is one of my past instructors and a dear friend who also happens to be an amazing portrait artist. The Booth Western Art Museum just had a whole exhibit of his work. How special! It was pretty awesome to be surrounded by such experienced artists - I have so much to learn...and this was a great place to start!


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