Toes on the Sidewalk :)

Yep, so in my panic to get things ready for tomorrow's gallery opening, I was searching through files on my computer. I found this picture, that I took a few months ago, of my feet and it made me laugh as I struggled to find some meaning behind it. Is it symbolic of staying grounded? Or maybe the "M" on the sidewalk (ok so I know its a "W" for "Water", but from my perspective its an M" for "Mandie")... is there to remind us that life is all about our perspective. That even when things seem crazy, we choose how we are going to see them - in negative or positive way. So, that's it. That is all the enlightenment I have to share today. If that is what you choose to call it:)

I am looking so forward to seeing my loved ones and true friends tomorrow and I hope to meet many new people. Of course, if for some crazy reason you can't make it, I will post some pictures and let you know how things went:)


  1. I love this! Sorry I missed the opening! And you're right about perspective...we need to remind ourselves of that every now & then!

  2. i'm sorry we missed it :( please let us know how it went! :)

  3. This would make a great painting


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