The Beauty of Colorado Snow

This past week, we took a spontaneous ski/snowboarding trip to Colorado. That is why I haven't been posting, sorry:( I was born in Colorado and lived there til I was six, even though I was pretty little, some things about it still make me feel right at home.

It snowed while we were there and it was beautiful! We went snowmobiling and that is where I took the first picture. We were up higher than the treeline and I don't think I have ever seen such a distinctively beautiful sight; rolling mountains of pure, white, powdery snow. The other picture is of my husband and I at the tippy top of a mountain right before we went tubing...that was super fun too! Everywhere we looked the scenery was breathtaking!


  1. I was wondering where you'd been. Glad you're home safe and relaxed. I'm sure you got a lot of scenic inspiration for future paintings. Can't wait to see them!


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