Sneak Peak of a Cool New Project

Here is a preview of an oil painting that I have been working on. The colors are still quite off, but that's okay, let me tell you what this one is all about. My client's husband has a print of his favorite painting he once saw while traveling. It hangs in his office for him to enjoy. His wife thought it would be so special if she could be that woman in the painting...and that is where I come in:) She came to my studio and I photographed her sitting in the same way that the woman in the painting is, and she pretended to hold a fan too...and now, I am painting her on the canvas instead. I am sure he will like this version much better, just between you and me (the model is much prettier)and I am sure he knows that too! Anyhow, lots of work to go, but I think this is such a cool project!


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