Meet Jenny King

Meet Jenny King, we share the Studio space. She is the one that does most of the larger pieces in the studio and she also works with Encaustics. Just thought it would be a great idea to introduce you all. Here are some interesting things about her from her website:

Since 2005, her works have been displayed & sold in local shops & restaurants. Jenny also enjoys participating in local art festivals. "I love the energy of the people," she says, "and I always feel so inspired after meeting all the other artists & seeing their beautiful works."

She began experimenting with encaustic paints in 2010. "I have found an exciting, new way to express myself. I love the entire process, from the first phase of melting the beeswax & resin base to the last where I fuse the final layers together. The end results are amazing & incredibly unique."

Please stop by and meet her in person, until then, please visit her website at:



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