Special Packets

The Artwalk went well this past Friday! Kinda a relief when those are over...I suppose I was stressing a little. Its probably not good, but I try to think of everything. I spent a lot of time making these little hand stamped packets of information for all the people that attended. They included information about classes, one of those little March Calendars, a little biography and a Business Card. I have a few left over if anyone wants one, send me a message and Ill send you one in the mail:)
Hope you had a lovely weekend and Happy Monday!


  1. I really wish we could have been there! And if you have any more of these I would love, love, love to have one!!! Glad everything went well!! Love you sweetie!!!

  2. I enjoyed meeting you at the Art Walk the other night. The Studio looks great, and your packets were wonderful. I hope to stop by again soon.


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