Artists Market in the Marietta Square

I am proud to announce that the ever so popular Marietta Square Farmer's Market is now incorporating an Artists Market on the second Saturday of every month. This past Saturday was the first one ever, and I participated:) How cool to be a part of something so great! I talked to a lot of really cool people, and even sold some things...including a favorite painting: "Bird's on a Wire". Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to participate again!


  1. Hello! I am making a presentation to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners sometime this fall about making backyard chickens legal in Cobb County, and was looking for a pic of the Marietta Farmer's Market. You have a really beautiful one at the bottom of this post. Would you please give me permission to use it in my slideshow? If you'd like more information about the backyard chickens thing, please go to Thank you!


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