Sketch of the Week:)

Can I just laugh a little that this sketch is in a spiral notebook with a crazy pattern at the bottom:) I did this sketch last weekend from a live model who was at a really neat workshop I attended and volunteered at. It was wonderful to find someone who sat so still and beautifully. When I realized that I should be drawing and I had the moment to do so, the only thing I had was a silly notebook that for notes and some borrowed pencils. I am very pleased with it, what a wonderful exercise!

Speaking of exercise, Model Monday is coming up this Monday from 6-8pm at the Studio. Come stretch your brain and practice your drawing skills!

The Studio
48 South Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
(Directly Above the Australian Bakery)


  1. Mandie, this is Alejandro we met yesterday at your studio. This is really a very sensitive drawing,and i really admire your drawings skills. I will stop by Mond---since i have been interested for a while in attending a live drawing session again.


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