Anniversary Trip to Charleston

So i can't believe we've been married 4 years already...well, last month to be exact. WE headed to Charleston, SC for a little getaway and we had a wonderful time! WE stayed at the Middleton Inn - which is such a cool place. They focus on helping their guests to enjoy the natural beauty of things. Those crazy looking buildings are where we stayed and there is a river right there. The property has tons of gardens, stables and we even met a potter and a cooper who showed us how they work. WE went kayaking and say alligators. We also went to Folly Beach and they explored the city of Charleston. Its not that far away from Georgia, so if you are looking to take a little vacay...Charleston is wonderful! Here are just a few of the pictures from our trip!


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  2. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures!
    Our niece got married at the Middleton Plantation two years ago. I was very disappointed not to go. They live in Charleston and she is an avid kayaker...if that's a word. :)


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