Baby Noah's Nursery Mural

I painted another mural today, busy week already. Well, I must say that i didn't paint the entire thing today. You might remember some of these images the nursery that I painted for my nephew almost two years ago. He made lots of memories in that little room and now they have moved to a new house that is going to be great too. Someone special moved into their old house, and it just so happens, they are pregnant with a little boy too! What a coincidence?!? AND how exciting that a new baby can grow up there too! But, we wanted to make the old mural fit the new family and their style. That's where I come in!

The last image here is the bedding that they will hopefully be using. The image is from

My images here seem to be showing up a funny color, so keep that in mind. I added a monkey in the palm tree, two sailboats, and I changed the name from "Ethan" to "Noah". Then I made several color adjustments to make things match the new bedding more precisely.

I hope that baby Noah enjoys his new surroundings as he is welcomed into the world. Can't wait to see the nursery when it is all set up:)


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