Painting Pelicans - Group Class

Yep, Group Classes should really be called "Private Painting Parties." This class was two wonderful girls and their super sweet mom. They recently went on a trip to Florida as a family and wanted a painting to remember their journey. They brought pictures from their trip and this great Pelican shot ended up being their inspiration to paint. I love how they each picked different bright colors as the background. Although they were all painting the same subject, the finished artwork is as unique as they are:) Thanks for a great time girls!

If you want to bring some friends for a painting can call me at (770)265-8365. Its just $25 each and I provide all the supplies and instruction:)


  1. Mandy I would love to do this sometime. I can't right now because I am getting ready to have the little one a party, but I am going to call you when I am a bit less busy.


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