Oil Painting of a Bride And Her Dad

Hi! You probably wondered where I have been, its been awhile since I posted. The truth is, I was lost. I got a little distracted by life and now I think I'm back. When we moved, I closed my studio thinking that it was too far to drive from our new place. My intention was to find a new space closer to my new home. I haven't done that yet...It was one of the sadest things Ive ever done, moving out of my favorite place. I really miss having my own art space where people could come and see my work, a place truly inspiring...I found it pretty hard to pick up a brush and actually get painting. So, for awhile, I couldn't. There sat my brushes, just waiting for me...in real people terms, I think its called depression:(

Done with that. I hope. Along came a project, an oil painting of a girl on her wedding day and her dad. It was a nice big size, with gallery wrapped edges that I painted to match. They loved it! Now I am working on three more for the same client. Its of three kids, Ill post that later.

Now, my plan is to paint things here at our loft and to host in-home painting parties. Ill bring the party to your house:) We'll try that for a little while and see how things go. Glad to be back on track!


  1. I am overwhelmed not only by the beauty I see on the outside but..the beautiful soulful artist within. With every stroke you paint is like a heartbeat..Im glad you are no longer holding your breath but, able to express,explore and love what so many people see in you and your work! Great stories , Great work!!! I am an infinite noodle of yours!


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