Albert Handell Mentorship Program: Day One

I just got home from the trip of a lifetime!  A mentorship program in Taos, New Mexico with Master Plein Air Pastel Painter, Albert Handell.  He is world renown for his beautiful paintings of rocks and trees, most of which are done on site, outside face-to-face with his subjects.  Usually I work quite slowly, but not with Albert.  We painted an entire painting each morning and then an entirely new one each afternoon. 

On the first day, I was pretty nervous... I stuck right next to Albert like a lost puppy. After a little while, my nerves calmed down and I started to feel the cool wind on my face, the sun was shining and I was finally painting again. How wonderful to have a brush in my hand...regardless of the outcome:)  Here is a picture of where we were working:

And, here is my painting from the very first day:
To learn more about Albert Handell and his awesome programs go to:


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