Albert Handell Mentorship Program: Day Four Afternoon

In the afternoon of Day Four, I decided I was just going to put my brushes away and watch the master work.  Its so interesting to watch Albert pick his subject.  He told me never to paint something that doesn't excite me.  Find something you think is beautiful, walk around for 5 minutes and if there is nothing more eye-catching, start painting.  This was very good advice!  I watched as he saw the way the light was hitting a little tree.  He began...and in 20 minutes he was finished with his study of that tree.  Since he was done so quickly, I grabbed my stuff and did one too. This was so freeing and such a great exercise...just paint parts of things to get to know them better, like this tree.  I learned something so valuable that day:  you don't have to be somewhere magical to paint, you can find inspiration all around you...even in the city.  It may be a flower, or a leaf or a cloud...if you look hard enough, you'll find inspiration there!


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